Fortop projects is specialized in energy control projects in all sectors. Our software solutions provide solid solutions for all electrical installations.

With our software solutions it is possible to monitor your system in real time, view consumption data and ensure the voltage quality is up to standard.

Apps are standard and customer-specific applications that extend the functionality of Janitza energy meters. The data can be viewed from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Using our web-based DCEM solution one acquires insight into the energy consumption within an organization. DCEM helps to reduce energy consumption.

DCEM software can monitor measurement values and status changes so that when exceeding the alarm-, warning thresholds or a status change can generate an alarm.

Our software, combined with the advanced Janitza energy meters, give you a clear and thorough understanding of the quality of the energy supply.

Through the DCEM web interface you can view the power quality status of several meters instantly. In case of PQ issues DCEM can warn you through web, email, SMS or building management system.